Trees & Hedges
Trees & Hedges


That magnificent old tree outside was here before you & it’ll be there long after you’ve gone too. Property owners have a resposibility to the environment & to future generations to ensure the health & well-being of your arborial assets.
The Best Property Maintenance Company  provides all tree care & maintenance needs. Services include:
  • Arborist advice
  • Disease & Fungus Remediation
  • Crown lifting
  • Root care
  • Stump grinding
  • Shaping
  • Felling
  • Firewood
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Ongoing maintenance
Whether you’ve got a single beautiful specimen native tree to nourish & nurture or a bunch of horrid invasive scrub to eradicate – maybe even an entire forest in your backyard, The Best Property Maintenance Company is the right call to make. Our free quote system means that you get to meet us first. We’ll discuss your goals with you & make the best plan to achieve your wishes. We think that’s the way it should always be.


Occasionally adverse weather bombs or similar unexpected events can result in extreme damage to trees on your property.  You need expert assistance & fast, initially to minimise danger to humans and buildings, & subsequently to reduce long-term harm to the tree. Should your property require immediate, urgent emergency tree care services, who you gonna call? Us –  The Best  Property Maintenance Company.


Trimming shrubs and hedges can be a serious hassle, from finding the right tools to trim with, proper safety equipment isn’t cheap & then disposing of all those sharp branches, it’s not really anyone’s idea of a relaxing weekend.  For us at The Best Property Maintenance Company, it’s just another day’s work – we make it look easy! You’ll be surprised how much more accessible ground you have, how much more sunshine & just how many lost balls/keys/bikes/Amazonian tribes* we find! After our initial major job on your unruly hedge, we can offer an ongoing maintenance service that keeps your property in tip-top condition with minimal outlay.

Trees & Hedges

*We are yet to find any lost tribes. Trees & Hedges