The Best Hedge Trimming & Cutting Services in Auckland

Are your hedges out of control? Or are they just looking less than optimal, but you can’t find the time to trim them? Have no fear – here at The Best Property Maintenance, we offer the leading services in hedge trimming and hedge cutting in Auckland. Our skilled gardening specialists can advise you on the best time to cut back your hedges, and how to get the work done without harming your plants. 

Hedges are a great way to spruce up your garden. Many people also use hedges as a property boundary. However, overgrown hedges can lead to multiple problems, like blocking pathways and reducing space. At The Best Property Maintenance, we provide hedge trimming and hedge cutting services for your overgrown hedges, to make them more natural-looking, clear blocked paths and create a clear property boundary. 

When we cut your hedges, our number one goal is always your absolute satisfaction. We understand that you want your hedges kept neat and level, while remaining healthy and thriving. That’s exactly what our hedge cutting in Auckland achieves. All our hedge services in NZ are carried out in a time-conscious manner, and we will always leave your garden neat and tidy.

In addition to trimming back unruly hedges, we can offer ongoing maintenance services, keeping your property in tip-top condition, year round, with minimal outlay. The Best Property Maintenance team offers high-quality hedge cutting and hedge trimming services in NZ at competitive prices. Whether you don’t have the time or your hedges have just become too big, we have a hedging service to suit you. For a free quote, call our friendly team at on 006427 548 1978 today.

Looking For Hedges & Hedging Services in NZ?

Trimming shrubs and cutting hedges in Auckland can be a real hassle. It can be difficult to find the right gardening tools, and proper safety equipment isn’t cheap, either. Plus, disposing of all of those sharp branches isn’t anyone’s idea of a relaxing weekend. But for the team here at The Best Property Maintenance Company, it’s just another day’s work – so sit back, enjoy your Saturday, and let us handle the hard work!

When hedging is done correctly by the professionals, like us, it will encourage new growth and strengthen the root system. This makes your hedges thicker and better suited to resist disease and insect attacks, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Professional hedge cutting in Auckland won’t just give you aesthetically pleasing plants – strong, healthy hedges also provide shelter from strong winds, form a clear dividing line between your property and your neighbour’s, and give you an enhanced level of privacy. 

In the first year of your hedge’s life, it’s vital to schedule and keep up with regular hedging to promote growth and development. This is best undertaken early in the spring or late in the winter. As your hedges get older, we recommend trimming them annually. If you’d like to keep them in a more formal, maintained style, we recommend at least 2-3 cuts a year. When it comes to cutting older hedges, the late spring and late summer are ideal.

We offer hedge cutting in Auckland for all your needs – whether you’re a commercial or domestic customer, whether you want a simple or ornately designed hedge, the team at The Best Property Maintenance can help. Carrying only the right tools for the job wielded by professional arborists, we only perform high-quality work. Choose The Best Property Maintenance specialists for hedge services in NZ that you can trust. Call us now on 006427 548 1978 for more information and your free quote.

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