Water Blasting

Water Blasting

House Cleaning

Suitable for all House-Proud Owners, Real Estate Professionals & Property Investors, our high-tech house cleaning system makes your home sparkle like new!

Tempt buyers by highlighting the value of your property with a shiny clean exterior that makes your property stand out among the neighbourhood.

Bright paintwork, shiny clean glass, roof colour restored, gutters & down-pipes all looking well-kept and as good as new.

We clear your gutters so water runs off where it should – and not where it shouldn’t! Our service includes an environmentally-friendly moss & mould retardant/protector – keeping your property looking better for longer.

The Best Property Maintenance Company Exterior House-Cleaning process leaves your property looking immaculate, no matter how grubby it was! This is an essential investment that we recommend to all house-proud owners, investors & those of you marketing your precious property. Maximise your investment return with The Best Property Maintenance Company.

Remember – You Only Have One Chance To Make A First Impression – With our special care & attention, we make sure every first impression is a good one!

Water Blasting

Water Blasting

Driveways and Fences

Cleaning your fence and driveway is the quickest & easiest way to increase your property’s street appeal.

No matter what the reason – a fence and driveway spruce-up is great value for immediate visual impact.

Our Driveways & Fences Service is low cost & has a quick turnaround with instant wow factor & delivers maximum buyer appeal.

Water Blasting

Stairs & Decking

One word. Safety. Keep your property assets not only weatherproofed & looking good but also free of moss, mould & lichen – often hardly noticeable until a nasty fall happens. Our Environmentally Safe Organic Wash removes unwanted growths & stops them returning long-term.

Defend your family & enjoy worry-free property ownership with The Best Property Maintenance Company Stair & Deck Cleaning Service.

Water Blasting