Arborist Auckland

If you are looking for a tree arborist in Auckland, then you are in the right place! The Best Property Maintenance has a team of professional arborists who provide full tree surgery, tree pruning and specialist stump grinding service. We know how seriously people take their duty of care. For the homeowner, tenant or landlord, our tree arborists know that what you want is a quote followed swiftly by high-quality service.  Our tree arborist team is highly experienced in dismantling trees for many happy customers, having used our tree felling and crown lifting services. Our professional and experienced tree arborists are fully qualified, so rest assured that your tree shaping and root care will go without a hitch. We also have tree planters who can offer our customers a service with a competitive tree planting cost to help improve the aesthetics of the grounds of your property. Whether you’ve got a single beautiful specimen native tree to nurture or a bunch of horrid invasive scrub to eradicate – maybe even an entire forest in your backyard, The Best Property Maintenance Company is the right arborist to call. Our free quote system means that you get to meet our arborists and planters first. We’ll discuss your goals with you and make the best plan to achieve your wishes. We think that’s the way it should always be.

Tree Planting & Planters NZ

Are you thinking to refresh and upgrade your garden landscape with tree planting? Tree planting is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be great for the surrounding environment. Tree planting also adds protection from wind, shade, security, and enhanced privacy on your property. At The Best Property Maintenance, we have the best tree planters in NZ to help you plant young saplings and fully grown trees. As well as working with various tree species, our tree planters in NZ manage and plant hardwood and softwood trees. Whether it is tree planting in the summer or the winter months, our planters can advise on which plants and trees your land will benefit from and how to care for them throughout their life. Because safety is our top priority, we carry out site surveys, tree selections, planting, and base design to deliver a complete tree planting service. Our planters in NZ offer the following tree planting services:
  • Maintenance and aftercare advice
  • Soil inspection and planning of the area to be planted in
  • Advising on trees with fruits and flowers, or wildlife enhancing trees
  • Finding only the best of healthy saplings
To arrange tree planting or tree arborists service at a time that suits you best, call our team in Auckland today on 027 548 1978
Professional Arborists Auckland

Emergency Operations

The Best Property Maintenance Company provides all tree care & maintenance needs. Services include:
  • Arborist advice
  • Disease & Fungus Remediation
  • Crown lifting
  • Root care
  • Stump grinding
  • Shaping
  • Felling
  • Firewood
  • Pruning
  • Tree planting
  • Ongoing maintenance
With reputable Auckland tree planters to hand, tree planting becomes a stress-free process. The Best Property Maintenance qualified arborist and planters in NZ are here to execute all tasks regarding tree planting, tree maintenance and tree removal. Occasionally adverse weather bombs or similar unexpected events can result in extreme damage to trees on your property. You’ll need expert assistance and fast, initially to minimise danger to humans and buildings, & subsequently to reduce long-term harm to the tree. Should your property require immediate, urgent emergency tree care services, who are you going to call? Us – The Best Property Maintenance Company at 027 548 1978